Enjoy a 1 hour of Laser Tag/Nerf Wars and 2 hour and 30 mins of watching a movie. Call for more information. 501.831.0652

Laser Tag/Nerf Wars Combo

About Us

Perfect 10 Movies & More is the First Indoor/Outdoor Mobile Movie Theater .And now we offer Laser Tag/Nerf Wars. We want you to experience a new and amazing way of spending family time, parties, and events. We offer a 900 square foot tent that is climate controlled for movies,parties,and more. And we are the FIRST to offer a 1100 square foot inflatable maze for Laser Tag/Nerf wars. Our service and quality is our number one objective!

Enjoy hours of unlimited play of Laser Tag/ Nerf Wars. Call for more information. 501.831.0652

We Offer:

Wonderful for Churches, Schools, and Corporate Events. Call for more information. 501.831.0652


Laser Tag/Nerf Wars

Enjoy a 2 hour and 30 minutes watching a movie and celebrating your party. Call for more information. 501.831.0652

A New Way of Spending Time Together


Perfect 10 Movies & More

  • Inflatable Tent with Climate Control
  • 1080P HD Projector                         
  • 16 Foot Screen
  • Surround Sound                               
  • Inflatable Maze                                                     Unlimited Smoke Diversion
  • Laser Tag/ Nerf Guns
  • More to Come